All purchases of our new merchandise will go right back into Fridays activities and projects.

Fridays masks – £1.99
Fridays hats – £4.99
Fridays polos – £4.99
Fridays tops – £4.99
Fridays jumpers – £14.99
Fridays jogging bottoms – £14.99
Fridays full tracksuits – £24.99


Limited colors and sizes- we have small, medium and large

More Fridays merchandise coming soon

Please contact our email to order or for any related enquiries – 

For any return enquiries please email us at for our returns policy.

FRIDAYS tops & polos

FRIDAYS lounge wear

FRIDAYS hats & masks


More colours coming soon...

 FRIDAYS 7 Step Programme: How to Make The Right                                     Decisions in Your Teens 

Firstly I want to say a massive thank you to everyone for all the support for @fridayscoventry and massive support @authorsabrinabensalmi and her talented family 🔥 @fridayscoventry We have our own Book publishing house where you can contact us to get books published for free 😱👀🙌🏽😱😱😱🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥 the link to purchase - 

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