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…Unlocking Youth Potential in Coventry and Beyond

Fridays is a youth initiative set up to prevent knife crime & gang violence in Coventry.

 For the future in all areas.

We aim to tackle anti social behaviour & provide opportunities to better futures 👍🏽

Our Latest Projects 

Drop The Denim 

Drop the Denim an excited funded project to enhance the lives of struggling families and to cut down wAste . 1800 gallons of water to make 1 pair of jeans 👖-let’s work together to make change and work smarter. Donate your Denim so we can spread help and happiness to those in need . 

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Fridays Patron

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I am delighted to have been invited to be a Patron of Fridays. I have huge respect for all that Fridays is doing to help young people and I am keen to do all that I can to help the cause. I believe that anyone can achieve anything with the right level of personal determination and a little help on the way - Fridays is doing just that. I much look forward to seeing more of the Fridays family under Tyler’s inspirational leadership.

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Fridays commonwealth games 

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Become a member or supporter

Help change the course of Coventry Youth today. Apply online now to become a FRIDAYS member.

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Donations go towards ensuring the activities, volunteers and security is maintained at Fridays venues – during the evenings and in the lead up. SIA Badged staff check all young people going as safety is Fridays priority concern. Also hiring of venues and equipment to ensure young people are entertained is important too.

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