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Fridays Coventry…Unlocking Youth Potential in Coventry and Beyond

FRIDAYS has already benefited from a lot of support from the community and Coventry Police who have been supportive throughout our progress. Fridays has already made a difference too with over 100 people attending on a Fridays night. All teenagers will be escorted to and from the venue from Spon Street which allows parents to be less worried. Entertainment upstairs where they can party and education and plenty of opportunities to develop essential life skills for confidence such as jobs available and CV writing.

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We are change makers and influencers and future leaders and organisers – movers and shakers

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Tyler would appreciate your help to get the message out so please let us know if you would like to interview him. There’s also weekly opportunities for local music talent to perform – they can get in touch on info@fridays.org.uk

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